The Tiger and the Persimmon

Once there was a hungry tiger in the hills. He was so hungry that he decided to go down and steal a child to eat. He snuck down to a house and crouched beneath a window as a mother tried to quiet her crying child. “You need to stop crying. The tiger is here, and he’ll eat you up!” But the child kept crying. “Hmm,” the tiger thought to himself, “this child is crying even though I am here. He must be some kind of a hero.” The mother than gave the child a dried persimmon, “Fine! Here is a dried persimmon, now stop crying.” The child took the treat and ate it quickly. The tiger then thought, “This dried persimmon must be really terrifying.” He decided to go to the barn and steal a yak instead. As he crept into the barn, a thief who wanted to steal a yak mistakenly jumped on the tiger’s back and started beating it with a stick. “Oh no! This must be the persimmon come to get me!” the tiger thought and began to run back into the forest. As the day broke, the thief realized he wasn’t upon a yak and jumped off. The tiger kept running and never returned to the village.

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