The Fox and the Jewel: part 2

The boy follows the strange girl to a graveyard when she disappears behind a large rock. Suddenly, she reappears and takes him into her arms. He tries to resist but cannot. As she kisses him he can feel her push and pull a jewel into his mouth, and he remembers a tale he had heard about the nine tailed fox. They were creatures known to carry jewels in their mouths that should a man swallow it and look at the sky, he would have all knowledge of Heaven. Should he swallow it and look at the ground, he would have the knowledge of the Earth. He quickly swallowed the jewel and tried to look into the sky, but in the girl’s panic she pushed him down and he looked at the ground and quickly passed out. When he awoke, day just began to break, and he ran toward the village and brought some farmers back to the graveyard. Since he now had the knowledge of Earth, he knew the fox had a den behind the large rock. They found the fox and killed it, and this is why today man has knowledge of the Earth but not of Heaven.

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