The Faithful Dog

Once there was a woman who spent all of her time taking care of her two children so that she was never able to see the great sites. When she died, King Yama asked if she had seen any of the great temples or stone statues. “No,” she replied, “I was too busy taking care of my children.” “You are very loyal and devoted, so you will return as a dog.” She did and lived with her son for a number of years, having several litters of puppies during that time. When she once again grew old, she overheard the son say, “This dog is too old for anything now. Tomorrow I will kill it and make a stew.” She then ran to her daughter’s house where she pawed the door and cried loudly. The daughter brought the dog in and fed it rice and stroked its head. That night, a monk visited asking if she had a dog. She replied that she had her brother’s dog. “You must not kill it, it is the reincarnation of your mother. You must take it to see all of the great sites.” The daughter immediately ran to her brother’s where she told him what she had heard. The next day, the son took the dog on his back and carried it to all of the great temples and stone statues. When they returned, the dog climbed down and dug a hole where it quietly died. The son buried the dog there, and it is said that they were very prosperous afterwards.

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