First Book Signing!

That’s right! I’ve had my very first book signing. Michelle Bain, children’s book author I work regularly with and all around lovely person, invited me to join her for a dual signing event at Busch Stadium (yes, during a Cardinals game!) We did two signings, the first was for Build-A-Bear Workshop® and the second for Purina’s Pooches in the Park event. Both featured our book Out of the Ballpark, and it was a blast!

IMG_6911Out of the Ballpark with accompanying Duggie plush

As it just so happened, one of our other major clients arranged for us to join them in their corporate box. Corporate box. With free food. It’s own bathroom. A big screen. Right behind home plate… Yeah. It was one of those situations that one doesn’t really expect to experience when graduating art school, but there I was and I enjoyed every minute of it!

At the end of the night, Michelle treated me to a plush of Duggie, the main character from our book, which brought a very sweet close to an incredible and unbelievable night.

IMG_6915The incredible view from the box seats

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